We want a humanitarian tax that saves several millions of people globally

45 million people worldwide risk starvation every year. In order to save their lives, the United Nations have calculated that at least US$ 7 billion would be necessary annually. High income democratic countries make up about 1 billion people. If each resident of these countries contributed US$ 7 annually, world hunger would be eradicated.

Charity and resources which humanitarian organizations can currently count on are clearly not enough to reach this goal. We need a small further effort: the acknowledgement of a legal duty to humanitarian help.  By setting the total amount of obligatory contribution to US$ 10 we could effectively fight other kinds of avoidable deaths, such as those of easily curable diseases and those that occur because of political, ethnic, religious, sexual or social persecution.

We will then appeal to the Parliaments of high-income democratic countries, so they introduce a specific drawing of a progressive nature (residents with low or no income would be exempt) in their tax system. The proceeds would be allocated in order to save as many  ‘saveable’ lives as possible in the low- and lower income countries or in dictatorship countries on a global scale.

Funds collected should be employed either through national or international organisations to be selected through independent surveys and/or by establishing reserved humanitarian corridors.